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 Parent feedback from Mum Natalie following 6 sessions with her daughter


"I visited Emily at Rainbow Bridge with my 8 year old daughter as we had struggled for what seemed like forever with bedtimes. We felt we had tried everything in the book but nothing was working. Much to our confusion her younger sibling was a dream at bedtimes so we really could not understand where we were going wrong. The battles we had disrupted every evening. The crying would keep her younger sister awake and both would suffer the next day. The 10pm bedtimes really were taking a toll on our marriage as by the time our daughter finally went to sleep, we were exhausted.


Right from the first phone conversation, before we even had our first session with Emily, I felt like she was a breath of fresh air. Emily was so patient in listening to our story, and I didn’t feel like we were being judged once. The empathy Emily showed both myself and my daughter is a skill not many people have. The time we had in the sessions was never rushed and always an eye opener for me. To open up a conversation about feelings, one on one was something I had to learn as well as my 8 year old. My daughter has been a chatterbox from being a toddler so I always thought she spoke freely to me about anything and everything but the conversations we had about feelings and emotions has really deepened our connection. From the very first session I found she was struggling with school friendships slightly and absolutely hated tests which sent her into such an anxious state. All of this was news to me! I had always considered myself lucky that she loved school and we soon established that her worries from the playground to the tests were keeping her up at night.


Prior to speaking with Emily I had not heard of EFT or tapping as a technique. Having more of an understanding now, I only wish I had met Emily sooner, and really think a lot of children (and adults) could benefit from it. Emily understood my daughter very quickly and their relationship strengthened as every session passed, to the point where my daughter didn’t want the session to end! She called it “Magic Tapping” and said from the start how lovely and kind Emily was. I think that the fact that EFT is a physical representation of emotions, it really resonates with children. Emily really helped my daughter to communicate her feelings and emotions through the action of tapping and the questions she would ask really engaged her. Not only has EFT helped bedtimes, but we have used it in lots of different situations. I have no doubt that our journey will have many twists and turns in the future, so I was happy to thank Emily, but not say goodbye, as I would definitely not hesitate to pick up the phone and book more sessions in the future should we feel we need to stop time and reconnect again. I personally thoroughly enjoyed sitting in the sessions, listening and learning, totally unaware of the outside world – that room is like a little bubble of calm. Our little ones are only little for a short time and we as parents are here to give them the tools to be happy in life. EFT has helped my daughter at this stage of her childhood and I hope will continue to be a useful tool throughout her life. Thank you Emily from the bottom of our hearts."

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